Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Memoriam: Maybe the Mayans were Right.

For months I've been missing you. I've been thinking, how do I return? What do I say? Where do I start? When my whole world crashed down on me on January 27th, I never thought I'd be the same -- and now I know that I won't be. But life must go on. When Poppy, my grandfather, left this Earth, it went dark for me and everyone he had ever come in contact with. It took me weeks to even accept the reality of what had happened. Most of the time, I still cannot believe he's no longer with us. But I will now work every second for the rest of my life trying to light this world back up with the brightness he once brought us.

It's apparent that since he left us, however, it is not only my world that has gone dark. Unfortunately, he did see the news of the awful massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Since that awful day, no amount of good news has shielded us from the tragedies filling the daily news. The events of this past week have overwhelmed me to a point where the way I could express this multitude of emotions was to return here, to you, my loyal followers.