Thursday, December 20, 2012

Out of Our Misery

How do you root for a team that not only loses continuously, but loses in such an embarrassing manner? How do you call yourself a fan when in your heart you just want the team put out of their misery? How do you love a team when you are looking forward to a time when the personnel, players and coaches alike, are fired and a new team is rebuilt in their place? These questions along with endless 'whys' are running continuously through fans of the New York Jets far and wide.

Last night may have been the worst football game I've ever watched. I feel like I have said that far too many times in regard to the Jets, this season especially. But in what was being publicized throughout the day leading up to the game as "The Toilet Bowl," the 6-7 Jets and 4-9 Titans did not disappoint and may have even performed worse than expected. Both teams together combined for a total 234 passing yards. Of course, Chris Johnson absolutely went off, rushing for 122 yards and a touchdown, a 94 yard touchdown.

There really aren't many highlights to the game. Sanchez threw a lovely four interceptions and with a semi legit chance to come back on the last drive of the 4th quarter, fumbled the ball to end the game. It was a pathetic showing on pretty much all accounts. The Jets' defense played solidly, but really how much can they do they Sanchez turned the ball over on five of their 14 total drives.

Tebow made an appearance - at the worst possible time. The Jets managed to get into field goal range and Nick Folk put the Jets on the board with 3. Chris Johnson's ridiculous 94 yard touchdown immediately followed and then, enter Tebow. Sure, kill any possible momentum the team had by putting in Tebow for a pathetic five play drive just to punt the ball away. Great decision Rex/Tony!

A good Joe McKnight punt return late in the third quarter allowed for just a few downs to get the Jets into the red zone. Before he had a chance to throw another interception, Sanchez connected with Jeff Cumberland in the end zone for a touchdown. Yes, touchdown. I think I just like writing that word, touchdown. Us Jets fans don't get to say it that often, unless, of course, it's in a dreaded tone as the opposition breaks into open field and scores one. I hate you Tom Brady. (I find that it makes me feel better to say that at least once a day.)

When the game finally ended, I was relieved. Sure a miracle playoff run would have been sweet as hell, but God hates the Jets - with or without Tim Tebow, (apparently more so with.) Instead, I don't have to watch the next two weeks stressing about pulling out a win versus San Diego and Buffalo while at the same time hoping desperately that Pittsburgh and Cincinnati would lose as well. I can't take that kind of stress. It was a long shot to begin with, so why prolong the suffering? Just put us out of our misery now. As the game came to its pathetic close so did the Jets season. It wasn't upsetting or frustrating, we were far past that point. Hell, we've been laughing about it since Thanksgiving. But the official end, gave us a ton of new joke material.

And those were just my favorites. The mockery went on and on. At the conclusion of the game, ESPN went to their Monday Night Football anchors for commentary. Trent Dilfer and Steve Young were laughing so hard I was surprised they didn't fall out of their chairs and wet their pants before the network cut to commercial. ESPN's First Take, easily my favorite show on television, might as well have called it Tebow day again. They ripped into the Jets so badly it sounded like a stand up comedy act. Seriously, they probably should have played the "say at least one nice thing" game. It was all sorts of brutal and rightfully so. The game was atrocious, the season was pathetic, the team and coaching staff have fallen apart.
It has been announced already that Greg McElroy will start next week at home against the Chargers. Of course he will: Sanchez and Tebow will be out next year so they might as well see if McElroy will be a viable option at QB for next season. Might as well test the kid out against Philip Rivers and the almost-but-not-really decent Chargers. I think he deserves it and if nothing else at least Sanchez won't be killed on his home turf by an angry mob of fans led by this guy.

So what possibly could this off season hold? The media is full of speculation right now. You have to assume that Tebow will be cut and Sanchez somehow traded (I saw trade him for a new water boy if you need to, just get him OUT!) I'm hoping that my fellow UMass alum, Tannenbaum, as well as Tony Sparano are on their way out as well. Demote Rex within the defensive staff otherwise get rid of his not-so-fat-anymore ass too. This team needs a serious extreme makeover. Call in Ty Pennington and his team to some demolition. I'm talking about all out. A few rebuilding years with a fresh team I can endure, a few more years falling further and further into the depths of some of the worst teams in history, I cannot.

Being that my family is going on vacation tomorrow through New Years (HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!) I will be away from you, my beloved following until the last game of the season. I encourage you to watch the Jets maybe in the background of your day. More importantly, enjoy the holidays, spend time with your families, and spread some cheer. Also, I hope the world doesn't end tonight otherwise my demise will come in the form of a lazy night on the couch just me and my puppy. Exciting, isn't it?

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