Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Here We Go Again

So you've made it here, I suppose a thank you is in order. My loyal followers know that my blogging history has gone through many twists, turns, and transformations in the past, and yet, we meet again. I'm a writer, by craft and nature, but life's inevitable shifts seem to have a habit of pulling me away from my first love. Many of my blogging ventures in the past were brought about by the thought that as a journalism student, I was wasting my time, talent, and ungodly amount of articles by not having a blogosphere to post them in. This time, it's different. I now have a degree and a job (!!!!!!) and while my career path has deviated slightly from my editorial goal, I find that it's essential that I keep myself writing. After all, as a self-proclaimed Twitterholic, there's only so much I can express in 140 characters, (hence the obscenely high tweet count.)

I'm hoping, that my return to blogging will take us (now that you're here, you're along for the ride,) through this odd transitional time, which I call the 'in between.' The in between college and actual adult life. The time of first jobs, first real responsibilities, and hopefully soon, first apartments. This awkward period of time when you figure out where you want you life to go and who you want by your side in the trenches. There are no more cute boys to meet in class and no more classes to take to 'explore your interests.' This is cold, hard, brutal, real life and it's time to sack up and move away from home.

If you know me at all, you know that I have this compulsive obsession with everything sports. I'm the girls who can recite stats no one should remember, has incredible parents who shower her with Yankees and Jets season tickets so she can get you by public transportation to the Bronx or the Meadowlands, and that would never, ever, ever be caught dead in one of those tacky, bedazzled, pink jerseys. EVER. Sports are my love and now, my job. I spend hours watching SportsCenter, reading sports beats, and following every possible sports source on Twitter.

On the complete other side of the spectrum comes my love for fashion. Before I realized that I could make a career out of my tomboyish tendencies, I aspired to work in the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry. I spent much of my childhood collecting and studying every issue of Vogue and seriously dreamed of being among the likes of Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld. While, my career ambition has taken a shift, my passion for the fashion world has never wavered. I may no longer obsess over each and every fashion show each season from New York, Milan, Paris, and London, but I still keep an eye on my favorite labels and try to incorporate key pieces into my daily life. My parents never shy away from joking that I may never move out, but at least I will have the latest, greatest clothes, shoes, and accessories.

As we are currently in the depths of the [second] best sports time of the year, (the best obviously being Superbowl/NFL Draft/start of MLB/NBA and NHL playoff time,) I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get back on the blogging bandwagon. With a multitude of material thanks to the Yankees in the postseason, and well, the train wreck that is the New York Jets, I've decided to rededicate myself. I apologize for the obscene length of this primary entry and hope that the majority of my rants moving forward will be much less self-obsessed and way quicker reads. Don't hesitate to leave a comment for holler at me on Twitter, I love the attention.

From the trenches,

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