Monday, October 15, 2012

Touchdown, So That's Good?

As a Jets season ticket holder and die hard fan, you find your weeks dictated by either the atrocities committed against Gang Green or the unbelievable wins that they somehow held on to pull off. The Jets are known to bring you up to the point where you think they may actually have a shot at greatness, only to bring you down and stomp out your hopes and dreams (hello, Brett Favre.) This year's been one of the rougher seasons. Though the Jets were 2-3 heading into week six where they'd face the post-Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts at home in the Meadowlands, the wins were ugly and the losses were pretty much unwatchable. Of course week one's 48-28 win over Buffalo was beautiful and the unexpected close game with the previously undefeated Texans last week was an almost-win that was almost cause for celebration, overall it hasn't been pretty.

This week was a total change of pace. The Jets took the field Sunday and showed the world exactly what they've been running their mouths about for weeks. The offense was on. Remember that 'ground and pound?' The running strategy the Jets used to use and have only been talking about ever since? Well, it's back! Running back Shonn Greene who has been pretty ineffective recently, played the best game of his career rushing 32 times for 161 yards and three touchdowns. That's not all. Constantly questioned starting quarterback Mark Sanchez may have only completed 11 of 18 passes for 82 yards, but he threw for two touchdowns and zero interceptions. With wide receivers Stephen Hill and Jason
Hill (no relation) on the field, Stephen back from injury, and Jason the Jets' newest free agent signing, as well as tight end Dustin Keller, the offense seemed much more comfortable. Both Hills caught touchdown passes from Sanchez. The prodigal son, Jets back up quarterback, Tim Tebow, also had a great play Sunday afternoon. On fourth down, the Jets were set to punt the ball back to Indianapolis. Tebow came out on the field with the special teams unit, something that has become rather common. On this fourth down, however, a fake punt set the stage for Tebow to pass the ball to a wide open Nick Bellore in the middle of the field. It was incredible. The crowd went absolutely wild. When the Jets were up 21-6 at half time we were genuinely confused and astounded. My fellow season ticket holders and I looked around asking ourselves and each other, "Touchdowns, so those are good right?" Somehow, the day continued like this.
The defense was on point as well. Rookie and Jets first round pick, Quinton Coples had 1 1/2 sacks, the firsts of his career. Indy quarterback, Andrew Luck, was shut down on multiple occasions. The defense was so good that the Colts were held to only three field goals. Of course, there was the disappointment of two Antonio Cromartie pick sixes called back (one because of a call on Aaron Maybin, the other due to a pass interference call on Cromartie.) But all in all the day was a complete success. Finally we got the see in action what the Jets have wanted to accomplish since week one. We may be down some key players (most notably Darelle Revis and Santonio Holmes both out for the season,) but if the Jets can step up and play like they did on Sunday, there's no telling how far this team can go. The Jets finished Sunday's rout winning 35-9 and holding Luck to just 22 for 44, 280 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions. The win put them back on par at 3-3 even with the rest of the division, and technically in first because of a 2-0 divisional record. I'd call that one for the books.

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