Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tebowing™ And Beyond

Sunday marks the day Jets fans both anxiously anticipate and slightly dread each and every season - the inevitable game against the Patriots in New England. Of course, the rivalry between the Jets and Pats extends past football and feeds into the ever present New York versus Boston battle. Since Rex Ryan took over as head coach and drafted quarterback Mark Sanchez in 2009, the Pats lead the Jets only four games to three in regular season play. This week's match up is extremely important as all four teams in the AFC East have identical records of 3-3. With the Jets having won two divisional games already, beating the Patriots would bring them to 3-0 in the AFC East and give them a great advantage as the season progresses. But the question remains, just how will Rex's Jets beat Brady and Belichick?

After injuries to running backs Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight during last week's demolition of the Indianapolis Colts, Rex has announced that the almighty one, Tim Tebow will be getting his shot as a running back this week. Reports are ramped about Tebow's practicing with the team's remaining rushers. Since the Jets announced the signing of Tebow in March (yes I remember EXACTLY where I was and what I was doing when I got the news,) I've been saying that the only way this is going to work in the Jets' favor is to let the boy run. No I don't think he'll line up as a back and end up blowing us all away finding holes wherever he goes. But, I think it is absolutely worth a shot because nothing else is working. The media hype and fan obsession is too big to leave this guy sitting on the bench all season. While Powell and McKnight are out, I do think that this is a really good option to get him out on the field and especially on 3rd and shorts, use him in a spot where he may be doing some good for the team. This has been a big week for Timmy already as he finally was granted a trademark for the term, "Tebowing," in order "to just control how it's used, make sure it's used in the right way," his representative claimed.

Whatever happens on Sunday, it sounds like we're in for a bit of a show by Gang Green. Word around town is that Rex is pulling out all of the stops. Both Ryan and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine have spoken out about Belichick's stunts recently surrounding their no huddle, hurry up offensive schemes. The Jets big rigs are claiming that while the Pats are permitted to make quick changes in order to throw their opponents off track, the officials need to be sure to grant the defense the proper time to substitute their players in response accordingly. Nothing will make me happier than watching Skinny Rex force Brady and Belichick to follow the rules down to the NFL rulebook standards, especially on their home turf. This weekend's contest is sure to be a hard fought battle. Here's to hoping we see the Jets of weeks one and six and not whoever the hell showed up to the 49ers game.

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