Friday, October 12, 2012

Where legends are made

Five game series are such a mess. Anything can happen in five games - anything, including the Orioles miraculously bringing the Yankees to game five. The nearly impossible has happened. Who would have thought that with all of the pitching issues the Bombers have encountered this season, that it would be the batters we're all worried about. The majority of the backlash is going straight at Alex Rodriguez, and at full speed too. If you're like me, you're having the repeated flashbacks of the Raul Ibanez game tying and winning home runs over and over in your mind. Yesterday Arod was bumped down from third to fifth in the batting order.
As I drove to work today I got a frantic call from my mother that went something like this:
Mom: Did you hear the breaking news?!
Me: No, what's going on? Is everything okay?
This is how I get my breaking news, ladies and gentlemen. At least now you understand a little better where my obsessive love for my sports teams comes from. Either way, I think this is a gutsy, but great call by Joe Girardi. Arod is 0-12 when facing right handed pitchers this postseason. Why risk furthering the slump when Eric Chavez has the talent and experience in the field and his bat could potentially be a help to the otherwise rough batters in the line up. The most exciting line up addition to Friday's game five is, however, Raul Ibanez as designated hitter. Ibanez single handedly tied and won game three so especially with a righty on the mound, he absolutely deserves the start. game five kicks off at 5pm with C.C. Sabathia on the mound for the Yanks and apparently, Andy Pettitte available in the bull pen. Game five is where legends are made.

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